This semester I am teaching the book of Genesis to 32 students. I have been encouraged as I study this book to see how God uses people of flawed character. We see it in Abraham, who lied to Pharaoh about Sarah being his sister not his wife, and Isaac who lied to Abimelech about Rebecca in the same way. And Jacob who lied to his father to get his brothers blessing. Each man showed himself flawed, making bad decisions yet God blesses each one of them. Just as God blesses every one of us, regardless of our flaws, if we are obedient to Him. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were overall obedient to what God had called them to. It is by God’s grace and their faith in Him that God blessed them. No matter how many bad decisions we have made or what we have done in life, God’s grace alone is sufficient to save us. We need only to believe that Jesus died for us and look to him for His free gift of salvation.